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December 06, 2017


Cola zero

It's not the healthiest but its always better than loading up on sugar.



This Is an appetite killer in general, Im a big fan of coffee. It gives me the focus and energy that I need during a busy workday.


Cinnamon and sweeteners, 

I use these to make my meals taste sweeter. On savory meals you can use low calorie sauces. Miracle whip is amazing, also the low sugar ketchup and bbq sauce is really good.


Eat lesser meals,

every time you eat you activate your system, by intermittent fasting you teach your body not to crave for food the whole day.


Stay active

Don't allow yourself to get bored, stay busy at all times. You won't be thinking about food all day.


Drink enough water,

Dehydration can also give a hunger feel, after drinking 0.5L of water you'll feel better.


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